Sona Zines : 1. Enzymes Zine

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Sona Zines : 1. Enzymes Zine

- Zine comes in sealable plastic covering with FREE stickers and unique download code for the Enzymes soundscapes.

- Perfect bound book with 300gsm soft-touch matt lamination finish covers. 130gsm matt inner pages .

- 100no pages with 40+ National & International artists showcasing work based on the theme "Enzymes". Within, all artists are credited with links to their websites and social media platforms for further inspection.

Artists include:

Brian Leach
Dee O Leary
Mark Heffernan
Jesse J. Hallaway
Anne Marie Stanley
Francis Leach
David Ian Bickley
Natasha Bourke
Caoimhinn Ní Dhuinn
Shahar Tuchner
Ruth Hogger
Ashling Smith
Amy Guilfoyle
Michelle Sara Devlin
Seiko Hayase
Tom Doig
Andrea May
Karina Anna Petrova
Jamie Jellett
Allison Tanenhaus
Cameron Lings
Mati Pirsztuk
Lena Mundt
Kam Yew Chee
Catherine Brennan
Aylin Solga
John Tinneny
Anna Mays
Deirdre Little
Nao Sakamoto
Gordan Hogan
Ali Barker
Mauricio Quevedo
Ellen McSweeney
Shane Vaughan
Vicky Davis
Inàs Miguel Oliveira
Alfredo Hernández
Manuel Delgado
Mark X Walsh
Devis Bergantin
Linda Lenssen
Ian Carr